I have always made a living painting. During my summers between studying music in college.  I moved back into my family home and worked for family friends in Wabasso, Lucan, and Marshall, Minnesota.  These were jobs I did by myself.  I was the only one who got me up in the morning. I would start work at about 7 am and stop at 3 pm.   I was working for myself and had no overhead to pay for labor. I made about $3000.00- $4000.00 each summer to pay for college.  This is rural Minnesota, a land of corn, soybean, and wheat fields.   The dirt is black and everything grows!  Marshall was the largest town at 30 miles away from where I lived outside of  Lucan. It was a small grain elevator town with one grocery store, bank, and bar/ restaurant.  The Bar had a pool table which was the only entertainment in town. There were also 2 churches, the Catholic Church and Lutheran Church.

Marshall had about 11,000 people in the 1980s and is the home to Southwest State Minnesota State University.  I spent my last high school years playing in the Southwest State Local Community Orchestra.  My mom and sister played in the orchestra as well. I did several jobs in Marshall at the end of each day.  I would stop at the DQ and get a purple slushie to refresh myself.  

All jobs at that time were brush and roller.  I used a 9-inch roller and a 2.5-inch sash brush.  I only did Exterior jobs. I would do all the preparation first, scrape, and sand all the edges where I scraped, and then prime with an oil primer.  The finish coat was poured into a small silver metal tray for the roller and a gallon bucket for cutting with a brush,  Each edge and bottom lip of the siding was cut with the pig hair brush and then roll the surface of each board.  

 When I was 21 my Mom’s Boss hired me. They needed an exterior paint job and were very friendly as customers.  I had finished the job and they wanted to pay me and celebrate. We shared a bottle of Irish whiskey. After many glasses, they knew I played the piano and wanted to sing from The Big Band Song Book. Even after many drinks I was not eager to play, however, I did not want to disappoint them so I played through most of the book which is about 369 pages and they sang!!  I was starting to fall asleep so I used their guest bedroom.  At 21 I got up in the morning and felt great and headed back home.  I spoke to my Mom recently and she remembered them as well.  They were very Generous and Kind people.