The beginning of this week was the challenge of color and sheen.   Both of the jobs were interior  touch-up.  The first was a color issue.  It had been 10 years since it had been painted.  I recommend every eight years and if you have children every five and use a sheen that can be washed.   We tried the original paint and it was too pale.  I had the paint store tint it and then it turned out too peachy.  The next step is to get a sample of the paint on the walls and match it. The paint store matched it and I did a little touch-up as the sun was setting so later this week I will finish and get to see the results.

The second job was a sheen challenge.  Sheen is not color, but it is how shiny.  The sheen can be flat, eggshell, satin, semi gloss and gloss.  Each paint manufacturer can shift these sheen’s around to suit their needs and that can be a challenge.   This job was simply that the paint supplied was the right sheen for some parts of the house and not others.  As soon as I touched up a wall that was not the right sheen I could see it and corrected it with a trip to the paint store and a new can of paint.

Color and sheen can be a challenge.  Matching the right color and sheen can be the difference between a client that thinks your did a great job  and a client that thinks you have done a poor job.