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Outlined below are our terms and conditions, ensuring transparency, trust, and a smooth collaboration. Your satisfaction is at the heart of our agreements.

Our Services

Residential Painting

From vibrant living rooms to soothing bedrooms, we bring your vision to life

Cabinet Refinising

Revitalize your kitchen or bathroom without the cost of a full remodel

Drywall and Texture

Repair minor dents to large holes, make your walls look like new again

Siding and Trim Repairs

Enhance the curb appeal of your home with siding and trim repair

Terms And Conditions

Thank you for choosing Kern Painting, LLC!
Thomas leads your project with 41 years of unmatched experience, ensuring you get the best Fort Collins has to offer.

Your Responsibilities:
Please review your contract thoroughly and ask questions if needed. This contract forms a binding agreement between you and Kern Painting, LLC. By signing, you agree to its terms and conditions. Note that Kern Painting, LLC may update these terms and will notify you of any changes.

Ensuring Project Success:

  • Open communication with Tom is key.
  • Recognize that this is a construction site. Daily cleanup will be done, but equipment will remain onsite. Ensure safety for all, including pets.
  • Kern Painting, LLC equipment and tools are strictly for our staff. Any injury or damage from unauthorized use is not our responsibility.
  • Your property will be an active work site. Keep children, pets, and personal activities away for safety.

Weather Constraints:
Weather remains beyond our control. We’ll strive to start on the scheduled day. If unforeseen challenges arise, understand we’re doing our utmost for your project.

Financing Your Project:

  • 25% due upon contract signing.
  • 50% due as work begins, as agreed with Thomas.
  • Remaining 25% due upon completion.

Changes & Cancellations:
For deviations or additions, additional charges apply. Any change order delays project completion and must be paid upfront. Cancellations need a three-week notice. Cancellations within three weeks attract a 10% fee of the total contract.

You might need to prep areas before we start (clearing pathways, moving furniture, etc.). If delays occur due to lack of preparation, a $200 fee per day applies.

Color Choices:
You decide on paint/stain colors and sheen. Any change in choice might necessitate a change order or new contract, possibly with added costs.

Post-Project Care Tips:

  • Avoid taping or sticking items to freshly painted surfaces.
  • Different parts of a surface cure differently.
  • Refrain from using water or chemicals on fresh paint.
  • Be cautious about moving objects on freshly painted areas.




Our Procedures:


  • Cover non-painted surfaces.
  • Power wash surfaces.
  • Handle downspouts: Remove, Prime, Paint, and Reinstall.
  • Prime raw wood with Peel Bond Primer.
  • Address cracks and indentations with caulk.
  • Scrape loose paint and prime accordingly.
  • Finish coat with Diamond Vogel Palisade or Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec.


  • Cover surfaces.
  • Power wash.
  • Prime with Peel Bond for painted surfaces. Stains don’t require priming.
  • Apply finish of Messmers Deck Stain or Benjamin Moore Arbor Coat.


  • Cover surfaces.
  • Clean surfaces, especially if there’s smoke damage.
  • Fill holes.
  • Handle cracks and seams with caulk as needed.
  • Prime as required.
  • Apply finish coat of Diamond Vogel Zero Plus or Benjamin Moore Scruff X.


  • Cover surfaces.
  • Clean with Krud Kutter.
  • Sand all surfaces.
  • Prime with Benjamin Moore Multi-Purpose Primer.
  • Finish with Benjamin Moore Cabinet Finish or Trim Paint.


  • Cover surfaces.
  • Apply mud, dry, and sand for textured surfaces (3 levels) and smooth surfaces (4 levels).
  • Prime raw drywall after 24 hours of the last mud layer.
  • Apply finish of Diamond Vogel Zero+.


  • Cover surfaces.
  • Sand with 150-180 grit sandpaper.
  • Clean and apply stain.
  • Finish with OLD MASTERS Armour water-based finish.

Legal & Conduct:
Should legal action arise from this contract, the prevailing party is entitled to attorney fees. Inappropriate behavior or verbal abuse towards our staff will result in immediate work cessation and voided contract.

COVID-19 Precautions:
Our team monitors their health rigorously. Any symptom will prevent an employee from working. We require negative test results post any Covid-19 exposure.

Thank You:
We’re thrilled to work on your painting project and are committed to delivering exceptional results.

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